Not having a sex drive can be difficult for both men and women. But there are ways to help you get back into the sack before rushing out to see a doctor.


1) Stimulants

stimulantsDepending on how much you are consuming, alcohol and caffeine can actually lower your sex drive. Caffeine can aggravate underlying anxiety conditions. Too much alcohol affects the libido, erectile and orgasm function.


2) Exercise



Too much or too little exercise can both lead to low sex drive. Excessive exercise can mean eating disorders or other disorders that impact negatively on sex drive. Some exercises, such as dancing the salsa and tango or yoga, have some erotic element to them that can actually increase sexual desire. Yoga has been reported to de-stress and stimulate genital blood flow, which can increase erectile capacity and improve orgasms.


3) Diet


New research suggests that certain foods, like fast food, processed items and nonorganic produce contain phthalates, a group of chemicals that has been associated with a plunging libido in women.


4) Sleep


Running around all day, dealing with kids, work and other obligations can wear you down. When you're tired, it affects your body and affects hormone production, which affects sex drive. When you're worn out, you aren't likely to feel sexy. Try some light exercises to help you feel more energized.


5) Depression



If you have found you have lost interest in things that once gave you pleasure you could be experiencing a deeper problem. Depression is now seen as a leading cause of emotional, psychological and physical illness and can lead to poor health and lifestyle choices. And it certainly is not conducive to a healthy sex drive. Many antidepressant medications will also negatively affect sex drive. Know when to talk to your doctor and get help.