So you've hired a personal trainer because you think they know EVERYTHING there is to know about how to get that perfect beach body for you. Chances are, if they are certified, they do know a lot more than you about the safest and healthiest ways to work out. But, they also have some secrets of their own according to Below are some of the most-kept secrets your personal training would never tell you AND that they hope you never find out.

things about your personal trainer


1.  Cheat

It's not only you that cheats on their workouts and diet plan. Personal trainers are human and cheat just as much as you. Although most would never suggest their clients take stimulants or diet pills to get or stay thin, many of them do because they are more concerned about how they look to their clients than practicing what they preach. And almost all of them will indulge in cheat meals, dessert and a glass of vino every now and then.



2.  Equality

How you're treated in your sessions could be directly related to how much you are actually paying your trainers. Some trainers will treat their high-end or celebrity clients differently than regular clients because they pay more.



3.  Who's The Boss

You may be paying for a service but that doesn't mean you are the boss when it comes to personal training. Most of them prefer you to stay quiet and do what you are told to do. You can certainly ask questions but never, ever argue with your trainer. Simply give the workout all your concentration and effort and everyone will be happy.

whos the boss


4.  Discounts

Trainers may not tell you about discounts but you should ask. Chances are, there are options. So the next time you meet with your trainer ask for a package of workouts or to split your sessions with a friend. This will give you a cheaper price per session. Trainers will sometimes offer a discount rate if you pay cash since a lot of them are self-employed and will welcome a “no paper trail” payment plan.



5.  Pet Peeves

Trainers can get easily annoyed with certain things. Being whiny is one of them. The other is being late. If you commit, you better show up and be ready to give it your all with no complaining. They also hate when you wear makeup or perfume to a place you are expected to sweat at. And they almost all take offence when you show up hungover.

pet peeves


6.  Motivation

A lot of people turn to personal trainers because they need motivation to get their butts going. Unfortunately, some trainers will let you get away with a lazy workout because they worry they will lose you if they do or say anything negative. You do not want these types of trainers. After all, you can be lazy in the gym on your own without paying someone to help you.



7.  Phone use

If you spend every second texting or talking on your phone during a training session you will likely lose your personal trainer. Not only does it take away the time needed to help you get your body in shape, it is just simply rude.

phone use

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