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Soccer practice. Grocery shopping. Work deadlines. Moms have busy lives. So busy in fact that it's hard to find time for yourself, let alone find time to hit the gym or exercise on a regular basis. It seems there is always something that needs to be done for someone in your family – anyone except yourself. But have no fear moms- we've compiled a list to help you get in the exercise you need to keep your body – and mind – at its best form.


Park workout

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While you're kids are playing or sitting down for a picnic why not take the time to work on your muscles. The park is just like an outdoor gym waiting for you. Try doing some step-ups, tricep dips and push-ups on the picnic table. Why not do pull-ups on the monkey bars? Your kids will probably think it looks fun and may even come join you. You'll be working your body while showing your kids the importance of staying fit – no matter where you are.




If you're home with your kids during the day try and take 30 minutes for yourself and pop in a fitness DVD. Your kids can colour or watch a cartoon show while watching you get your fit-on in the living room. Most of the DVDs today are geared to fast workout sessions so you'll be able to get in a good workout while your meat is defrosting for dinner.




If you have a group of moms you enjoy being around invite them over with their kids. This way, the kids get a playdate and the moms get a fitdate. You can do a fitness DVD together or just hang out doing squats and lunges while gossiping or sharing mom advice. Chances are, if you have a group of women all there for the same thing, you won't be tempted to say no or stop your exercise session for a dirty diaper or bottle time.


Obstacle Course

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Kids are always trying to out do their parents so why not make it fun for both of you. Set up a cool obstacle course that incorporates lunges, squats and cardio movement that both you and your kids can do. It won't only be fun for all of you but beneficial to your body and mind. You'll end the day feeling energized and proud of yourself for getting in a work out, all the while having fun and making memories with your kids.


Plan Your Meals

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You may be busy, but opting for fast food or sugar-filled snacks is not the right choice for you or your kids. Try spending half an hour making healthy, nutritious meals for the next day or make food on a Sunday that will last the week. Most meals can be frozen until the morning you need them so if you can find the time this will ensure you and your family get the healthy meals they need. Each meal should include protein, carbs and healthy fats.


Jogging Stroller

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If you have kids it's hard to get out for that morning jog like you used to. So why not invest in a jogging stroller and take them along for the ride? You'll not only get the cardio in that you want but you'll be spending time with your kids who will, no doubt, enjoy the bumpy, fast ride. You can sing or chat to them as you run. It's about quality time for them and for you.


Ditch the Minivan

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If the weather permits try saying no to the minivan and opt instead for a nice brisk walk or bike ride to your kids school or sports practice. It will seem less rushed and frantic and will guarantee some good, quality time spent with your kids that they will remember forever.


Internet Strike

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If you constantly find yourself saying you just don't have the time during the day to workout, consider the amount of time you spend on Facebook or Pinterest during the day. Chances are it's at least 30 minutes. Try saying no to browsing the Internet and yes to a quick workout. Your e-mail will still be there afterwards but your mind will be refreshed and energized. When you figure out how to prioritize your schedule you will undoubtedly find a few minutes each day for yourself and your body.


Classes For Both

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If your kids are enrolled in soccer or gymnastics why not take the time they are exercising and use it to your benefit. Most practices last longer than 30 minutes so why not take that time and go for a run or hit a gym class. Many gyms have daycares that you can take your children to as well so why not let them have an hour to play while you get some well deserved exercise for yourself?


Love Yourself

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No matter how much you try to plan for some exercise time of your own, you won't always get it. And that's ok. There are days when your kids will be sick or they are throwing all day temper tantrums. Accept the time that you get and do not stress about the time you don't get. Some days will give you more time than others and those are the days you can embrace. And whatever you do, avoid comparing yourself to other mothers. Do what is best for you and your family and be proud of all the hard work you are doing.