While losing weight can be life-changing for many, it can also be emotionally exhausting.  If you’re thinking of losing a few pounds, here are a few things people likely won’t tell you ahead of time.


1. Your perception of your body won’t change right away

Most people think that once their body changes, the way they view themselves will also change. Unfortunately, many people who lose weight have a hard time accepting themselves because they lack confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, personal self-acceptance does not instantly appear when you lose weight. Coming to terms with your new fitter body is something that might take some time—and that’s completely normal!

your perception


2. There will likely be excess skin

If you’ve lost a fair amount of weight, you will likely live with a constant reminder of all your hard work in the form of sagging, stretched skin. Unfortunately, there isn’t much anyone can do to prevent this from happening. The looseness of your skin depends on a variety of factors:  how much weight you've lost, how old you were when you lost the weight, how many times you've lost and gained the weight back, and how quickly you lost it, just to name a few.excess skin


3. You will likely have to spend lots of money on a new wardrobe

Make sure to save up before you lose weight as you will find that once you reach your target weight goal, none of your clothes will fit you anymore. To save some cash, try thrift shopping and clothing swaps with friends in order to replenish your wardrobe without totally cleaning out your wallet. wardrobe


4. You’ll have to get used to attracting a lot of attention

You will likely encounter a number of well-meaning friends, family and colleagues telling you how “good” you look. While many of them will be supportive and encouraging, there will also be some people who will be less supportive in their comments regarding your personal transformation. In the event that someone makes an inappropriate comment to you, try to have some smart comebacks ready in your back pocket and remain proud of all you have accomplished!



5. Your priorities will change

As you develop a healthier lifestyle, you will find that many choices you make are incredibly different than ones you would have made before you started to lose weight. You will find you’ll opt to go to the gym more than the pub or you’ll suddenly start making your own lunch instead of going to the nearest fast food restaurant with your co-workers. The reality is that once you change your priorities, you may find that you will have less in common with the friends you used to hang out with as well. This might lead to you lose some old friendships to make room for some new friends who you now have more in common with.priorities


6. Your partner may not be supportive

Losing a lot of weight isn’t just stressful for the person losing the weight; it can also cause a great deal of tension within a relationship. Sometimes people feel threatened or scared when their partner loses a great deal of weight. In some cases, people have a hard time dealing with their partner’s changed look, while others are afraid that their partner’s personality might change. These trends can also be seen in many friendships after one friend in the group has lost a significant amount of weight.supportive


7. You will become moody at first

If you’re losing weight by dieting, you’re most likely experiencing a great deal of mood swings. This is due to the fact that when your blood sugar levels are lower, it can lead to more irritability and a lack of concentration. This might affect your ability to be able to socialize and function effectively at work. The good news is that this will be relatively short-lived, as your body will eventually get used to functioning with less food in its stomach.