Since you’ve become a parent you’ve never been busier. Finding time to lead an active lifestyle is much harder with limits to your time after a long tiring work week. The best way to make sure you still get your workouts is to do them as a family. While some exercises at home are conducive to working out with your children sometimes you need a broader approach to staying fit and that means finding activities that the whole family can participate in, while having fun.


1. Bike rides

Family bike rides are a great way for the whole family to get outside and spend time together. Depending on the ages of all of the family members you can include the kids with: bike seats, side-cars, or tandem bicycles. Try to bike to a destination or just take some trails.Bike rides


2. Baby-carrying squats

Using your bodyweight for squats is a great way to get in shape, so using your youngster to add more bodyweight is a great was to increase the level of difficulty. The beauty of baby-carrying squats is you still get to interact with your child and they love being picked up.Baby-carrying squats


3. Russian-twist with baby

Instead of using a kettle-bell or medicine ball as weights you would perform a Russian twist with the weight of your child in your arms. This exercise will work your oblique’s as you twist from side to side.Russian-twist with baby


4. Push-ups with child weight

There are a couple of way to approach doing push-ups with your little ones. The fun way with a toddler or older is to have them hop on your back and have them hold on to you as you perform the exercise to make it more difficult. Otherwise, you can do a push-up over smaller children and make it a fun game so that you kiss them with every repetition.Push-ups with child weight


5. Running with jogging stroller

Once your child starts to grow and get stronger neck muscles you can attempt to get out for your regular run in the neighbourhood once more by putting your child in a jogging stroller. For your child they are out and about taking in scenery, while you are exercising. Everyone is happy!Running with jogging stroller


6. Dancing

Nothing is needed other than some music and lack of inhibition to have some fun dancing together as a family. If you do need a little help with dance moves there are some video games that can help in that department. The faster the music the more active you become.Dancing


7. Walking the dog

What better way to get even your furry friend exercising than to get the whole family out for the dog walk. Try taking some hiking trails as a family and everyone will be the better for it.Walking the dog


8. Family gardening

Getting everyone involved in the gardening is a way to get a little activity, while making for smaller amounts of yard work for everyone. Gardening can involve a lot of different muscles when you are bending over and shoveling or digging.Family gardening


9. Go skating

In summer you can all partake in rollerblading and in winter months ice-skating. Skating is great cardiovascular exercise and often a tradition that many families make together growing up.Go skating


10. Play Frisbee or catch

Playing Frisbee or catch in the back yard or at the park is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and work both arm and shoulder muscles along with leg muscles, especially if everyone in the family does not have good aim.Play Frisbee or catch