Anyone familiar with bodybuilding knows of the routine of bulking in the off-season or winter and slimming down in the spring and summer. While a slimmed down look may be the end goal, here are some reasons to enjoy your bulking phase while your aesthetic may not be as ideal. Just ensure that you follow a clean bulking diet to get the desired outcome.


1. More nutrients

Due to the increase in calories you will have an easier time getting all the nutrients you need and with fewer restrictions to your diet you will get more variety.More nutrients


2. Improved Mental Function

Your body is more comfortable when it is getting more calories than it needs and you will find that your mental clarity is heightened. This is especially true for those who limit or restrict carbs when they slim down as carbs are essential for optimal cognition.Improved Mental Function


3. Immune System is higher

The body is better able to protect itself from sickness when there is more body fat as body fat insulates your organs. Now I know the goal of bulking it not to increase fat, it is meant to increase muscle mass – added body fat is par for the course and helps you maintain your health.Immune System is higher


4. Increased energy

Energy levels will be much higher in the bulking phase due to the increased nutrition. You will find that completing an extra set or pushing the amount of weight that you lift much easier during your bulk.Increased energy


5. Gaining muscle and definition

You will gain approximately 1 pound of muscle a week, despite what the scale may say you weigh. The added muscle and pump (increased blood flow to the muscle) will change your definition.Gaining muscle and definition


6. Improved Mood

Eating larger meals and more filling foods with increased calories will help to ease any hunger pangs you may have felt during your cutting phase. Your moods with balance out as hunger can cause mood swings and even depression.Improved Mood


7. Strength

During your bulk phase you will feel able to push your training regime a little harder as you will have increased glycogen stores in your body. This will cause you to feel stronger and hopefully get a new personal best.Strength


8. Injuries Will Heal

Taking a break from cardio can help you to heal any injuries you may have had lingering, especially running injuries like shin splints. This rest phase will help your body to heal and reduce any swelling you may have.Injuries Will Heal


9. Better hydrated

While hydration is always recommended, those who slim know that there are times where they must dehydrate themselves to show the muscle definition they have. The opposite can be said for bulking season, where you can get the ideal amount of water that you need for training. The benefit to being well hydrated is that the body better performs vital functions and also will flush out any toxins.Better hydrated


10. Improved metabolism

Taking that much needed break from long cardio sessions can help your metabolism recover from the stress of restrictive diets and actually increase it. Your body gets used to the increased cardio hours and over time does not burn as many calories as you think. Time off of cardio is an opportunity for your metabolism to reset.Improved metabolism