Living with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia can interfere with your daily life due to the constant muscle aches, fatigue, and chronic pain. Thankfully, there's a strong connection between the mind and body. This means that even though you might not be able to be cured altogether, you can treat some of the debilitating symptoms with a few mental tricks.


Treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia

The chronic physical pain that occurs with this condition causes and exacerbates depression and anxiety. Finding ways to lower the chronic pain can therefore help with any associated mental anguish. Of course, your primary doctor can give the best advice on your unique case, but having a therapist who specializes in pain disorders can be incredibly beneficial, too.

Treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia


Sleep through the pain

Getting enough restful sleep each night is recommended to help with the physical and emotional symptoms.


Restless all over

Some people with Fibromyalgia find themselves suffering from restless leg syndrome and sleeplessness and find nighttime to be the worst time of the day. Finding ways to sleep better, such as a new mattress or no television in the bedroom, can help with this.


Water therapy

Joining a gym or pool with classes in the water is a great way to get some exercise without causing any unnecessary additional pain. Because you're weightless in the water, your joints and tendons aren't receiving any extra pressure. Moreover, the pools are usually warm, which can be very therapeutic to your aching muscles!

Water therapy


Taking notes

The Fibromyalgia fog that often accompanies the condition can make your brain seem like it's playing tricks on you. To help you feel more confident in your memory, keep lists and take notes whenever possible. There are plenty of apps available that allow you to quickly jot down your thoughts and organize them so they're easy to access when you aren't feeling well.


Be mindful

Mindfulness is currently popular, and for good reason! Staying in such a focused mental state when practicing mindfulness helps you to be very aware of your physical body. This might seem like the opposite of what you want to feel when you are in pain, but it actually helps immensely. Being able to feel every part of your body singularly and as a whole allows your brain to focus on not only what is hurting, but what parts of your body feel good, too. This is a fun mental trick to ease the pain.

Be mindful


Get inspired!

There are so many people suffering with Fibromyalgia, so you are not alone! Find a support group either online or in your community and start sharing your story. Your story could help others in a similar situation, and you can also share tips and trick to ease the pain. Your story matters!


Remember the link between the physical and mental

This link between your emotional well-being and your physical self is so strong and can really create chaos when both parts are out of whack thanks to this chronic pain condition. Remembering that the link exists and accepting that one is reacting to the other can help you stop and look at the big picture.


One step at a time

Taking on your condition one step at a time will hopefully create a knock-on effect that will have you feeling better, emotionally and physically, every day.