Let’s face it. From time to time, we get lazy and our gym habits suffer. We don’t want to go, or when we do go, we half-ass it. Here’s why you NEED a gym partner to break you out of your funk.

why having a gym partner


1.  They haven’t inherited your bad habits

Most of the time, having someone to work out with will make you go in the first place. Added bonus if they show up at your door and pull your butt off the couch.

they havn't inherited


2.  They might know different stuff

A lot of the times, when you work out, your partner might not be necessarily following the same fitness plan as you. They might have different areas they are focusing on. Hit them up for their secrets. They likely have info that you can then add to your routine.



3.  You work out harder

Who doesn’t feel more motivated when you sneak over at your buddy’s screen and see they are going a tiny bit faster than you, or lifting 5lbs heavier? It might motivate you to push through those last 5 minutes, or add 5 to the clock. Of course no one is saying to lift more than you can, or go harder than is within your own sense of safety. But many times, if they can do it, you can too.

You workout harder


4.  You can figure stuff out together

Whether it be a new machine, or just how to achieve better results, having a buddy in your corner can help you achieve your goals. Never underestimate the power of two people working towards the same goal.

You can figure stuff out together


5.  Personal cheerleader

Having someone next to you giving words of encouragement can go a long way if you are having a crappy workout. Sometimes, just a bit of positivity can snap you out of your negative thought pattern and let you continue.

Personal Cheerleader


6.  Safety

Um, have you ever dropped a weight on yourself? It usually means maiming and embarrassment. Having your workout pal beside you to save you from looking like a total idiot is never a bad thing. And think of it this way…if you are too damn tired to put your weights away, you have a built in gopher. Congrats!



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